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             Important Abilene UU's

Mary Pritchett  -  a member from years ago who became active again recently.   She was our Coordinator before we had our current building. She and her husband helped with landscaping the building after we purchased it. 

Lorna Shouse - a loyal member who was known for her sweet nature, her beautiful silver hair, and her healthy and tasty cooking.

Tom Warford - a piano teacher who played for our meetings.  Some of us attended his students' recitals.  Before moving to Abilene he taught school on an Indian (Native American) reservation.

  Mary Moore - a teacher of Spanish, English, and business.  She was an enthusiastic member of the Fellowship for over 40 years.  She once performed a wedding for two of our members.  Mary helped to prepare our building after we bought it.  She lived to be 99.

  Bill Dulin - Bill and I were happy to find the existence of the UU Fellowship in 1971 when we moved to Abilene.  At that time we were meeting in the homes of members.  Bill served the Fellowship as Coordinator and Treasurer.  He enjoyed giving programs and taking part in our spring "Flowers and Poetry" meetings.

  R. H. Tull -  a physician, WWII veteran and a loyal member who had  kind words for all.

  Herb Stokes - WWII veteran.  He enjoyed making DVD recordings of our programs. Unfortunately, Parkinson's Disease kept him from giving programs about his travels and experiences.  In his will he left a generous donation for the Fellowship.

  Petrea (Trea ) Baker - a long-time member from Merkel, who worked as an executive secretary for a company in Abilene.  With her organizational skills, she served as our Treasurer for many years and modernized our bookkeeping by using Quicken.

  Byron Dickie - lived in Woodson but came to Abilene to attend Fellowship meetings.  He helped repair our building after we bought it, and before his death, he paid off the mortgage on our building.

 Ruth Windsor - librarian for the Merkel School System.  Her special car license tag read, "TODAY."

  Shirley Hutchins - was very interested in World Religions and she used to enjoy giving programs about various religious concepts and faiths. 

  Hanna Rickman - a very active member, she worked to search for a building for the Fellowship.  She taught Sunday school and even taught a summer vacation UU school for kids.  She received a national UU award for her work for the Fellowship.

  Robert Aiken - worked for the Abilene Reporter News and he was a runner.  Robert was interested in the works of Robert Ingersoll and he gave several programs on Ingersoll's ideas.

 Bill Rickman served the Abilene UU Felowship in one capacity or another for over four decades, including many years as Congregation President. He also logged decades of sevice to Abilene as a practicing cinical psychologist. Bill was an unrelenting jokester who was always quick with a pun or witticism and could find humor even the most adverse circumstance



of our past
Van Lebus- a member in the 2000's. He was a re-
nowned artist who frequently held exibitions in local
museums, and was a founding member of the Abilene Center for Contemporary Arts in 1993. Known for turning"trash into treasures" Van could transformrandom pieces of discarded wood into surprising sculptures and derelect pieces of medal into fascinating jewelry. He often visited the Fellowship to show us his latest creations.