Future Programs                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                   Dec 1 Ginny Hoskins will present the forth lecture in The Holy Land Revealed series with "Jerusalem's Ancient Water Systems" which will offer an architectual study of ancient aquaducts in Jerusalem

Dec 8 We will continue with the fifth part of the The Holy Land Revealed with "Sumaria and the Northern Kingdom" which will explore the ruins of the Omride Dynasty which ruled Israel following the the Assyran invasion 732 BCE including the The High Place at Dan where the cult statue of the infamous Golden Calf once stood

Dec 15 Ginny Hoskins will present the fifth lecture of The Holy Land Revealed entitled "Fortifications and Cult Practices" which will delve into aspects of everyday life in the kingdoms of ancient Israel, and focus on how elaborately recessed gates were designed to protect cities like Gezer from enemies, and how altars, amulets, painted figures, and inscribed pottery vessels reflect the religious beliefs and practices at Kuntillet