Future Programs                                                                      


March 1 - Guest speaker, archeolgist and retired college professor Bill Libby will recount his exeriences excavating the Qumran Caves in Jordan, site of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and will explain the cultural and religious signifigance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

March 8 We will resume the Great Courses video series The Holy Land Revealed with lecture 15 entitled 5: "The Sectarian Settlement at Qumran" which will tour the site at Qumran, with a focus on three distinctive features of the settlement. These are animal bones found in pots; an elaborate water system that channeled flash floods into pools used for ritual bathing; and a vast cemetery containing more than 1,000 graves. 

March 15 We will continue the Great Courses video series The Holy Revealed with lecture 16 "The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essenes"which will examine the lives of the ancient authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls through archeological evidence

March 22 Ginny Hoskins will present "The lives of Essenes" part 17 of The Holy Land Revealed which is the last lecture of the series concerning the Qumran Jewish sect